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The club relies on voluntary and / or paid services during the season. Where possible your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Please ensure the total amounts are paid in full corresponding to your selecting above to avoid any delay in membership processing.

Payments posted to:

Geyser City Squash Club

PO Box 1609

Rotorua 3201

Visitor sessions are charged at $ 10 per session and invoiced out at end of each month. Non payment will result in removal of visitor rights.

I herewith and hereby apply for membership of the Geyser City Squash Racquets Inc Club in the category nominated above and on acceptance, agree to abide by the rules of the Club. I understand that upon acceptance I shall be liable for any subscription applicable to my membership at that time, and will remain liable for payment of ongoing Annual Subscriptions until such time as my membership is terminated in accordance with the Rules of the Club.

Graded Memberships: I hereby give my consent to my name, phone number and grade being displayed on the Geyser City Squash Club Notice board. This consent is given in accordance with The Privacy Act 1993.

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